We understand that a change of ownership transaction can be one of the most significant events in business owners’ careers.  As such, we move quickly toward closing transactions while aligning our incentives with those of our portfolio companies and their management teams: 

Why WSB?

A True Partnership Focus
Our best references come from folks that we have worked with in the past.  We would be happy to put potential sellers in touch with our previous and current partners.

Long-term Partnership
We do not “flip” our portfolio companies.  Rather, we are seeking long-term partnerships, allowing us to collaborate with management to position portfolio companies for sustainable success.

The WSB Team
Our team has significant experience running and growing businesses across a wide range of sizes. In many cases, our team’s skills and experiences complement those of management, resulting in significant portfolio company growth. 

Committed Family Capital
Capital for our transactions is funded by our partners, who together comprise our investment committee.  This differentiates us in several ways:

  • Flexibility. We do not need to raise outside funding and have flexibility in the types and sizes of transactions that we consider. Our family office investor base simplifies the partnership between us and our portfolio companies, making it easier to align incentives.
  • Deal Structures.  We pride ourselves on creativity and flexibility in deal structures to accommodate the interests of all parties.
  • Speed & Certainty of Close. Our family office investor base allows us to move quickly toward closings and eliminates the necessity for and uncertainty from raising outside capital.

Significant Access
Our team has significant relationships throughout the Southeast that we believe are helpful in growing our portfolio companies.  Whether through introduction to additional management talent, new customers, or experienced board leadership, we provide our portfolio companies with access to key individuals that help drive growth.

Family Business Connection
We have worked in and with family-owned businesses for the majority of our lives. Ed Weisiger, WSB & Company’s Managing Partner, is the owner and CEO of Carolina Tractor, a third generation family-owned business.

Significant Management Support
WSB & Company does not assume operational control of its investments, but we do have a significant presence at our portfolio companies and aim to assist management any way we can.  Whether through strategy development, financial analysis, communication with financing sources, or identification and execution of add-on acquisitions, our goal is to be a reliable resource and partner for management teams of our portfolio companies.  We believe that this alignment drives a partnership culture and, ultimately, long-term growth.

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