In addition to investing in platform businesses through WSB & Company, our partners seek to co-invest alongside other sponsor groups through direct investments in acquisitions of strong, middle market businesses. We co-invest in identified deals with established private equity funds, “fund-less sponsors” seeking equity for a specific opportunity, search funds seeking additional equity, other family investment offices, and operators seeking to acquire and run a business. Our partners welcome investment opportunities alongside other smart, growth-oriented, partnership-focused investors.

WSB currently has nine co-investments in its portfolio.

Investment Criteria

  • Investment Size: $1 million to $4 million per transaction
  • Company Size: Revenue above $5 million; EBITDA above $1.5 million
  • Terms: Participate alongside anchor investor
  • Industry: Open to most industries to the extent that group leading the transaction has industry expertise and can add value post-closing; not focused on biotech, pharma, or tech dependent companies
  • Geography: North America
  • Majority / Minority: Minority; typically alongside majority
  • Alignment: Incentive alignment between WSB, the sponsor, and the target business is essential

Typical Partners

  • Search funds seeking additional equity
  • Established private equity funds
  • Fundless sponsors with an identified opportunity
  • Other family offices
  • Experienced operators acquiring a business
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